Friday, June 13, 2014

Bala and Joe

June 4, 2014

The day after Leah left we got another email request. At this point, I was thinking I might need to put in a revolving door! I have discovered that we are located along a good biking path so I won't be surprised to meet more bikers!

Bala and his dad Joe were traveling from their home near Loudonville Ohio. They had spent the previous night in Tiffin and arrived here around dinner time.  Most bikers are ready for a shower and something cold to drink upon arrival. They both unloaded their bags and this time instead of sleeping indoors they set up their tents in the yard. 

I'm getting ready for a craft show and have numerous bins and supplies sitting around that make the sleeping area small enough that it didn't work well for them to be inside. When we have one guest we have an air mattress they sleep on in the back room. If we have two guests the room is barely big enough for two and the extra bedroom is not available because of the show I'm getting ready for. 

They were understanding and found a nice place to sleep.  Luckily the weather and temperature were perfect for a night out. I just wish we had had space inside for a more  comfortable sleep.

We had a great visit with them both. Joe was very talkative which made the time fly by. We learned that they were traveling together to see family in Grand Rapids Mi then onto Lake Michigan together. At that point they would part ways and Joe would return home. He wasn't sure if he would bike back or if his brother would drive him home from Grand Rapids MI. I'm hoping he decides to bike back and will stop in a again! We we so enjoyable!

Bala is 18 and this is his first long distance trip. He was quieter than his dad but so polite and friendly. He is on his way to the Redwood Forest in California! Quite trip for a first time long distance ride! He seemed prepared and ready for the task.

This visit was like being with old friends! I told someone that it made me realize how many wonderful people there are in the world. Watching the news and reading papers tend to make you cynical. You feel that the world is full of gloom and despair, when in reality, it's filled with warm, kind, adventurous people like Joe and Bala. 

Our short time hosting has renewed my faith in humanity and the kindness of others. We both are having so much fun meeting interesting people and learning about their wonderful adventures.

As I write this we have recieved yet another request and I'm waiting to hear if we will have guest tomorrow night.

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