Friday, June 13, 2014


June 3

Just a few days after Honeysuckle left I got an email from Leah. She was on her way to Cleveland having left Chicago a few days earlier.  She would be traveling back to her home in Atlanta eventually. I was thrilled to have another biker coming so soon after our first great experience. How random that she had the same name as our daughter! I felt it was a good sign.  I was not mistaken. She was just adorable. Very friendly, easy to talk to, and so sweet. We were happy to have her overnight and enjoyed our visit with her.

 While talking with her she shared that her grandfather had been a 'rail traveler' which was interesting because I told her that my grandmother used to feed them! The hobos-as my grandma called them- would hop off the train in Archbold and follow markings which the hobos would put on trees or posts to message other travelers which houses would serve them a meal! My mom can remember as a girl these men coming to the door asking for food and Grandma would direct them to the back door where they'd sit on the step and wait for her to bring them a hot meal.

Like Honeysuckle, when the time came to say good bye in the morning, she came with open arms to give me a big send-off hug!! I truly hated to see her go and think that we would possibly never meet again! At the same time, it felt so good to know she had slept well, was well fed, and we could send her off with good wishes and great memories.


Leah looking out over the Maumee River

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